Jul 072015

Explorer Post#900 recently took a trip to the Boy Scouts of America Florida Seabase in Summerland Key to take part in the Out Island High Adventure Camp. The camp was held from June 11, 2015 to June 17, 2015.

Explorers were put to the ultimate test of survival beginning the first day of camp as they packed their bags with essential items for living on an island for four days. One important rule to live by on the island, no electronics allowed, including watches.

During their four day stay on Big Munson Island, Explorers had the opportunity to fish, snorkel and learn about various plant species, animals, insects and the ecology of the island.

While fishing for sharks, Explorers caught a small nurse shark and learned how to identify different species and properly return them to the ocean.

Since electronics were forbidden, Explorers learned to live by the tides and determine direction of travel and time by the sun.

After each day and new experience Explorers would reflect on the day and would discuss the importance of team work.