Why should I participate?
Your support helps the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office provide funding to programs that encourage the development of today’s youth into successful, confident, law abiding adults. One of the programs that receive funding is Explorer Post 900.  This organization focuses on building tomorrow’s leaders today. Under the guidelines of the Boy Scouts of America Learning for Life, Exploring trains bright energetic young people in the various fields of law enforcement as well as, exposing them to opportunities of responsibility, leadership, and community involvement.
How does the fundraiser work?
When you purchase Dine Out Dollars from any member of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, you are entitled to spend them at any of the participating restaurants indicated on Wednesday, May 3, 2017 only.  You may spend as many Dine Out Dollars as you need to cover your entire bill.  The restaurant graciously donates 50% of the proceeds from the Dine Out Dollars to support the youth programs.
Can I use more than one Dine Out Dollar for my meal? 
Yes, you may pay for your entire meal with Dine Out Dollars.  Dollars are printed in $5.00 denominations. Restaurants request the balance of your bill not covered by the number of Dine Out Dollars in hand, to be paid in cash.  Please leave tips in cash for your server.
Can I use coupons along with my Dine Out Dollars?
Not at this time.

Can I go to more than one restaurant that day?
Yes. Many restaurants are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Consider using your Dine Out Dollars to buy lunch with a co-worker, and dinner later with your family or friends.

Do I have to be an employee of the Sheriff’s Office to buy Dine Out Dollars?
No, anyone may purchase Dine Out Dollars.  Just contact an agency member, or call Deputy Aly Towne at (727) 453-7461 with your order.

Is there a limit to the number of Dollars I can purchase?
No. As a matter of fact, many business owners buy the Dollars in bulk and give them to their employees as incentives for a job well done.

Can I donate to the charity without getting the Dine Out Dollars?
Yes.  Many people choose not to eat out on the designated day, but desire to support the program.  Donations are accepted.  Please make your check payable to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.  Please designate Explorer Post 900 as the recipient of your donation.

What if I purchase Dine Out Dollars and can’t use them?
Any Dine Out Dollar purchased and un-used, will result in a 100% profit for the charity.  There will be no refunds.

If I own a restaurant and wish to be included on the list, how do I get involved?
Please contact Deputy Aly Towne at (727) 453-7461 for the 2017 Dine Out Day. The Pinellas Chapter of the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association endorses this event.  Upon confirmation of their annual support, the list of restaurants is updated by mid-February.

How long has this event been in place?
This will be the 49th annual Dine Out Day.

Will I get change back in cash when I pay with the Dine Out Dollars?
No. You may only give the number of Dine Out dollars required to cover the bill.  For example, if your final bill is $23.52.  You may either pay with 4 ($5.00) Dine Out Dollars totalling $20.00 and $3.52 in cash, or pay with 5 ($5.00) Dine Out Dollars and receive no change back.